We are located close to the village of Gisclareny in the Berguedà region in the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park. Two hour drive from Barcelona.

ATTENTION: From Bagà some GPS devices indicate an unpaved road only suitable for off-road vehicles.


-Arriving from Barcelona, take the E-9/C-16 motorway until you reach the village of Bagà.
-From Bagà, follow the directions for Gisclareny. DO NOT FOLLOW "Coll de Pal".
-After starting the ascent up the mountain of approximately eight kilometres, you will begin to descend.
-Continue for 500 metres until you come to a left turn with sign posts for RÚSTIC VILELLA, "Sant Miquel de Turbians" and "Mirador Albert Arilla".
-Take this left and continue for approximately 3.5 kilometres, we are the 2nd country house on this road. EVERYTHING IS PAVED.

GPS Coordinates:

42°14'58,2" N

1°49'16,1" E

Bus service transport to Bagà - Alsina Graells

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6-day trek:

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