The country house and its grounds are located in the middle of a forest with spectacular views of the Pedraforca Mountain.

You can follow the trekking routes of Gisclareny, organized into ten circular circuits for all levels.

You can visit the little church of Sant Miquel de Turbians, 45 minuts walking.

To admire the views from Roca Tiraval, 45 minuts walking.

The valley of the Saldes river from Rocadecans, 30 minuts walking.

Serra del Cadí-Moixeró from the viewpoint of Culledassa, 20 minuts walking.

The medieval village of Bagà, 20 minuts driving.

The source of the Bastareny River (La Font de l'Adou), 25 minuts driving.

The beech forest of Gresolet, 25 minuts driving.

The ascencion of Pedraforca Mountain, 45 minuts driving + 5 hours walking.


In Rústic Vilella we offer to you some discount tickets in Berguedà county activities and museums.

We recommend:

Restaurant Niu Nou in Bagà


Cal Maurici in Gisclareny

Masies Puigventós

Associació d'Agroturisme del Berguedà

Confederació Catalana d'Agroturisme i Turisme Rural


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6-day trek:

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